Personalized duvet cover set model-162


You imagine, let us design..

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Our products are produced in Denizli/Turkey

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You can present a nice gift to your loved ones with personalized linens. We do it as a double and single person. It would be a perfect choice to gift to your lover, wife, child, friend.We sending our products to Denizli/Turkey.

You can reach us from anywhere in the world. We can make duvet cover sets in the designs you want in the pictures you want. All you have to do is contact us.
We always want to make our wife feel our love, and we would like to buy a gift for it, at this time, you can make your lover feel it by making a personalized duvet cover set.

Our products are made of Turkish cotton fabrics. We take your orders via Whatsapp. If you want, we can also help you with voice search.
If you want to present a special gift to your lover, our personalized duvet cover sets are just for you.

What is Cotton Fabric?
Cotton is a type of natural plant fiber and is obtained from the cocoons of the natural plant. Cotton is chemically composed of cotton wax, oil and cellulose made from cotton fiber.

Cellulose: It consists of natural plants through synthesis.
The insulating property of cotton is formed by the absorption of air. The amount of air held by the cotton and its retention is less than that of wool. The flexibility of cotton is due to its strong and durable fiber. It has little flexibility and absorbency.
Factors that distinguish cotton from other fibers separates factors such as absorbency, strength and softness when wet. Cotton absorbs moisture much more than wool because it has more absorbency than wool fabric. It provides comfortable wearing of clothes when the air is hot and sweat combines with air to give a comfortable texture to the areas where it is used. For this reason, it is generally used in home textiles, pajamas, etc. areas are preferred.
Cotton fabrics are suitable for washing and wringing in hot water. It can be hung to dry. If it is ironed while it is moist, its wrinkle will open faster, and it is ironed with a hot steam iron while dry.
When synthetics and cotton fabrics are mixed, they become less wrinkled and easy to iron.



– It absorbs moisture well and keeps heat cool by moving it out of the body.
– It does not generate static electricity. (When we put on or take off some clothes, our hair becomes electrified and blown away… something like that does not occur in cotton fabrics)
– It holds dye well.
– If it is not pre-treated, it shrinks when washed.
– If exposed to mold and sunlight for a long time, it will deteriorate.
– When wet, it is more durable than dry.
– It creases easily.
– It is easily cleaned, although it gets dirty easily.


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