Turkish Buldan cloth bedding set


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Bed Sheet Size 220 x 250 cm
Bed Sheet Type Standard
Fabric Woven Cotton
Fabric Type 100% Cotton
Duvet Cover Size 210 x 230 cm
Package Includes 1 Duvet Cover, 1 Bed Sheet, 2 Pillow Cases
Theme Floral
Type Double
Pillowcase Size 50 x 70 cm
Number of Pillow Cases 2 Pieces of Pillowcase


Your homes will be authentic with Buldan cloth duvet cover sets.Your homes will be authentic with Buldan cloth duvet cover sets.It is a city developed in the field of textile. Many years of textile service have been provided in the city. Many authentic style textile products are made in Denizli Buldan.Buldan’s unique duvet cover sets are one of them.It has a very authentic and comfortable use.And it has really stylish designs.You can view different Buldan cloth duvet cover sets from our gallery.

Buldan is a district of Denizli in Turkey.We can say that it is the center of textile.You can learn a little about Buldan from the pictures.There are many large and small textile businesses in Buldan.All of them produce beautiful Buldan cloth products in different models.Buldan cloth bedding sets are one of them.Very scrumptious and authentic.Do you know, many Buldan cloth products have been used and used in many films.Especially in historical movies.

With its textile history dating back to many years, you can buy the Buldan cloth duvet cover models from the district of Buldan, which is known for its difference from many cities at an affordable price.Buldan has a textile history dating back thousands of years. Buldan cloth linens are also one of the products unique to Buldan. Buldan cloth linens, which are produced with buldan cloth, which is distinguished from many cloths with its authenticity, comfort, elegance and naturalness, will add elegance to your home and you will feel the naturalness a lot.

You can examine Buldan cloth duvet cover models, which are cross-stitched models, from the product gallery.

As seen in the picture, your home will be very stylish with Buldan cloth duvet cover models, which create a stylish atmosphere.

You can read the information about Buldan cloth below.

Cultural identity of a region, history, geography, archeology, architecture, sociology, belief,
It can be clarified with various fields such as tourism. Besides, Cultural Identity
Artistic studies are important in creating. Local people’s clothing, entertainment, literature
Determination of artistic habits such as their development over time, their changes and
continuation is important in clarifying cultural identity.
Buldan has created its cultural identity with woven and embroidery products within the scope of art.
It is one of the Anatolian regions. Region’s interest in weaving until ancient times
Our ancestors who found the weaving met one of the basic needs of humans.
People who used animal hide to cover up, then felt, knotted, knitted and
he used textiles created with textiles.
When people’s work in the field of textile are examined; for daily requirements
It is seen that they produce textiles. Besides, in the context of handicrafts and fine arts
the use of textiles with various ornaments as an indicator of status in society.
has developed.
There are many cities in Anatolia that have been famous for their textiles since ancient times. Hittite
In the merchant letters on the tablets, Anatolian wool and linen weavings
It is mentioned. Gordion, Sart, on the “King Road” of Western Anatolian cities
Many cities such as Milet, Teos, Kolofon, Ephesus and Laodicea were famous for their weavings.

This weaving can be applied to all kinds of classical materials such as wool, linen, cotton and silk.
The most popular of its kind is made with silk threads. Because silk is expensive, crepe
It was a fabric usually used by the palace, rulers and rich people. The public is expensive
she could not wear silk fabric because of it. It is forbidden to wear silk among the people.
belief was popularized. For this reason, linen and cotton threads are among the expensive silk threads.
The striped and striped weaving samples made by joining are woven under the name of “Helali”.
On the subject of Bürümcük, Hungarian Turcologist Zoltan Gombocz, especially “bürümcük”
taking the word, writes that this phrase is known from Hungary to Manchuria.
In terms of meaning, the word Creum, which is based on wearing, wrapping, covering up,
In weaving, it means woven with very twisted silk threads. Silk
very twisted, wool, linen or cotton, wrinkled surface with threads instead of yarn
looking fabrics are called as “Curly”, “Twisted Cloth” or the region among the people,
“Mora Cloth”, “Buldan Cloth”, “Şile Cloth”, “Kastamonu Yellow Curly” cloth.
has been recognized.


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